Every once and a while, you might take an open Sunday to clean your property. You vacuum, dust, pick up things lying around, trim hedges, take out the trash, mow your lawn, maybe even scrub some floors and counters. And just maybe, you wash your windows. But other than a quick hose down while you water the outdoor plants, your home’s windows probably don’t get nearly enough attention. And like the eyes are the windows to the soul, your home’s windows are the windows to your home’s soul.

But giving your windows the thorough cleaning they might need is difficult and time-consuming. When you have already done a lot of housework, and still have a lot of chores left to do, your windows usually are the ones to miss out, and paying someone to thoroughly clean your windows sounds like a lot of money to dish out. But finding the right deal for your residential cleaning window needs could be the difference between a sleek home facade with windows you can be proud of, and another week of “ah, I’ll get to it next week”. Prince Professional Window Cleaning is proud to offer the right deal: high-quality professional window cleaning services at an affordable rate. Keep reading to learn what level of window cleaning service you need, at the price you want, and how Prince Professional Window Cleaning might be able to help. 

Level of Service: Finding the Best Bang

Whether it’s just a few attic windows that keep getting filthy or your entire living room architecture is made of huge window panes, you will want to tailor a window cleaning package to fit both your needs and your budget. Here are a few things to consider when you are deciding on a level of cleaning service for your windows:

  • Location — Are your windows front and center on your house, viewed by all who enter or pass by? Or are they in the back or on the side, covered by trees and shrubbery? If your windows are in a location where they will get a lot of visual usage, both in and out, it might be worth considering a higher level service package to really make them stand out and look good.
  • Usage — Do you gaze out your perfectly-positioned and translucent windows at the sunrise every morning before work? Or do they just provide some natural light to a downstairs bathroom or man cave? If your windows are simply an extra light source for a darker area or are susceptible to getting dirty more consistently, a lower level window cleaning package might provide the basic cleaning service the windows could use without making you feel the pressure to maintain them.
  • Last Service — Did you just hose off and wipe down your windows last weekend? Or is there dust and grime on the sill, still caked on from the 1800s? If you haven’t had your windows cleaned in a long time (or ever), it might be worth looking at a higher level window cleaning service package. A deep clean of all parts of the window will increase the time until your next window cleaning service, and might even give the window a new aesthetic sheen you never would have noticed otherwise.

Only you can best determine what level of professional window cleaning service your home needs. An annual deep clean might fit your lifestyle more than the occasional surface-level clean. Make sure you understand the levels of service your local window cleaners can provide, so you can find the right service for your needs. Prince Professional Window Cleaning offers three different levels of residential window cleaning service packages, tailored to fit the kind of service you are looking for. Keep reading below to learn more about each package and if the pricing option is a good fit for you.

Pricing Options: The Right Amount of Buck

Finding the right type of service for your windows is important, but who cares about the right service unless it’s affordable? You could find the best window cleaning service in the whole world, and if they charge $300 per window they clean, they will never be a viable option. Finding the right service and matching it with a fair price is the hardest, but also the most important step you will need to take to determine the right professional window cleaning service for you. 

Prince Professional Window Cleaning offers three different levels of high-quality home window cleaning services with competitive and affordable pricing options to go with them. Whether you want a basic once-over on a few windows before the in-laws arrive or a deep clean of all the windows on your newly purchased home, Prince Professional Window Cleaning has an option to fit your need and budget. Keep reading below to see our service packages and pricing options.

  • Basic Package — $5.49/window

    • The simplest and the cheapest of our options, the Basic package provides a high-quality thorough cleaning of the exterior of your windows. This package includes a deep clean of your windows’ exterior glass and exterior framing, using our water-fed pole system with soap and purified water.
  • Deluxe Package — $8.59/window

    • The “Goldilocks” option of our window cleaning services, the Deluxe package provides a fair amount more than the basic package while not being too extensive or expensive. This package includes a thorough cleaning of the exterior glass and frame, and also the interior glass and interior frame. As with all of our cleaning services, we clean with soap and water purified using our water-purification technology (RODI Water).
  • Elite Package — $9.99/window

    • The highest level of window cleaning services we offer, the Elite package involves a full cleaning and detail of your window. This package includes a high-quality cleaning of the exterior glass and frame, the interior glass and frame, the sills, tracks, and trimming, and the window screens. Cleaned with soap and RODI water using our water-purification technology, the Elite package is the highest-quality service we can provide, and all at a reasonable price.

Residential Window Cleaning with Prince

Prince Professional Window Cleaning provides a variety of window cleaning service packages to choose from, at affordable prices too. But that’s not why we considered such high-quality residential window cleaners. It’s probably the impeccable cleaning quality we provide on every job, using purified water technology that is always tested and leaves a cleaner window with no soap residue. Or it could be our water fed pole system that lets us clean windows up to 60 feet in the air without the danger or financial liability of a ladder. Or maybe it’s the free service quote we can immediately send to your email and the 24-hour rain warranty we provide on every job. 

Whatever it is, Prince Professional Window Cleaning is proud to provide quality professional window cleaning services to any kind of home residing in beautiful Kansas City and the surrounding areas. Hopefully, this blog gave you some insight into choosing the right service package for you, and shows why Prince Professional Window Cleaning should be your choice every time. Contact us today and get a free quote or schedule an appointment. Call now!